Gwinnett Aquatics 2009-2010 Registration Form

Registration fee is $100 and covers USAS registration, team T-Shirt, and annual awards.  All registrations require acknowledgement of our volunteer policy, and a completed, signed medical care and liability waiver.  After completing this form, you will be directed to the medical care and liability waiver.  When you get to the waiver, print it out an sign it and then and you can mail it and your fee or put them in the drop box at the pool.  Mail them to:

 Gwinnett Aquatics, 4691 Bryson Cove, Lilburn GA  30047


Swimmer's Group 

Swimmer's (legal) First Name     Last Name   

Middle Initial (if none type an asterisk)    Preferred Name   

Date of Birth   Gender 

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Summer League Team    T-shirt Size 

If this is a registration for a second or third swimmer you may type "same" in the areas below. 

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The information below only needs to be competed for the first swimmer registering. 


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Please check those email addresses you want to receive GwinAq newsletters and notices.

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Gwinnett Aquatics Volunteer Policy

The quality of our program depends in great part on the willingness of our parents to participate and volunteer their help.  There will be a mandatory meeting for all parents in September and April.  In addition there will be volunteer opportunities in October and May at our work days.  Parents will also be required to help at Gwinnett Aquatics sponsored meets and activities and are encouraged to help with our drylands at times.  Finally we will have 2-3 fundraising opportunities that we hope will raise at least $300/family.  Families that do not participate in the fundraisers are encouraged to consider making a donation of a similar amount. 


Please read the above and then note your acceptance by checking the box below:

I agree to the parent volunteer policy.